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Every guitar player yearns to deliver the best live performance to his audience. However, this is not always the case at times as you may end up sounding bougas to your audience unintentionally. I wouldn’t imagine listening to an unbalanced acoustic guitar. In such occasions, your audience will always feel wasted and some can even resolve never to attend any of your live performance concerts. They expect punchy performances and nothing less. This can make you live to blame yourself and to the extreme end feel like playing guitar was never your thing. Here comes a solace, with the best selection of the best compression pedal for your guitar, you will never disappoint again. This is because the best compressor pedals will always regulate how soft or loud your guitar sound gets without interfering with your tone. Interesting! For this reason, am going to give you an in-depth review of 10 best compression pedals that are available in the market that will definitely change your guitarist experience. Let’s start with the best compression pedal with impressive frequency response. (Spoiler alert: You’ll even find the best compressor pedal under 100 in here)

10 Best Compressor Pedals 2018

1. TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor: Arguably the best compressor pedal for electric guitar

TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor
List Price: $129.00
Price: $128.98
You Save: $0.02
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This is the only compressor pedal that comes multiple fantastic modes of bass effects. These are: a relaxed vintage compressor, a state -of -the- art multiband compressor and unlimited combination of compression through TonePrint. In addition, it is very easy to use as it comes with an inbuilt limiter for extreme effect type of compression tone. It totally eliminates distortion.


To give a perfect even and a frequency spectrum that is of a natural compression sound, its multiband compressor works on the principle of equal MD3 compression algorithm. For stompbox compressed tunes, they are added by it’s cool vintage compressor. Finally it’s TonePrint serves the role of giving unlimited number of compression combinations. The tuner is just as responsive.


With the aid of it’s technologically advanced engine, it can perfectly modify your high, mid and lows to be ultra-transparent and ultimately the greatest musical compression that can never be attained by other normal single band compressors. This quality makes it possible for you to operate in between subtle airy shimmers and straightjacket tone without having an effect in your authentic tone. This pedal is ideal for remastering a chorus.


To get the old-school tones, you can switch the compressor to its vintage mode. This works better for tight funk sounds, percussive country tones and soft gilmour tones.

It’s other accompaniment features include: Road-ready construction,9V/100mA battery, True Bypass and a compact design.



  • Flexible knobs
  • Fantastic compression abilities
  • TonePrint function
  • Impressive pedal power

If you are out there looking for a pocket friendly product of high quality that will give you the longest service then TC Electronic HyperGravity is the best option for you.

2. JOYO JF-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar

Ever since 2010, this compressor pedal has always remained to be the best affordable quality option for guitarists. It has an eye catching appearance as it comes with a peculiar green hue with an awesome scorpion graphic on its front face. You will always impress the moment you get out the compressor from your bag for performance it produces the best rhythm when incorporated – even without a top-shelf midi.


It is sizable device that will assist you to produce ideal tones and stick to them ultimately. This is because it comes in a small package having a tiny footprint but in it it hosts a wide variety of superior features and outstanding capabilities. It operates under the OTA technology which so far is the best of the best technology in compressor pedals. To top it up, it is ever safe from any interference whenever it is turned off as it comes with the True Bypass feature.


What about its controls? It operates under the main controls i.e Sustain, level and Attack. To begin with the sustain control, it regulates how long your notes will hold the moment you strum up. The longer notes are obtained the moment you crank up the knob control. The attack control then instructs the compressor when to grab the audio signal and when to adjust it. Finally, the level knob regulates the intensity of the operating effect that injected into the sound mix.



  • Perfect for getting ideal tones
  • Sizable and compact
  • Attractive design

If you are looking for a pocket friendly compressor that will definitely revolutionize your guitar experience then I would freely advice you to go for this. I had the best experience with it.


3. Xotic SP Compressor Pedal

Xotic SP Compressor Pedal
List Price: $132.00
Price: $132.00
Price Disclaimer

I find it necessary to inform you that this compressor uses the OTA technology. Its tones ranges from vintage to subtle, morden and more other tones. Its volume can be boosted using its knob upto +15db. With the aid of its blend knob, you can easily balance between dry signal and compressed signal. In addition, it comes 2 release internal dip switches. It’s the ultimate bass compressor.


The first switch is the High internal dip switch which is used to control high frequency roll off capacity i.e 22 opf. Its second internal dip switch is the input pad internal dip switch. This switch serves the purpose of preventing low cut filter controls and other forms of distortions.


Another amazing feature about this compressor pedal is that it comes true bypasses that serves the purpose of getting rid of any signal interference that may arise the moment you switch the pedal compressor of. Taking of power supplied to the compressor pedal, a 9VDC adapter or 9-volts battery will do the powering. With the aid of Xotic voltage Doubler, you can power it comfortable up to 18-volts.



  • Comes with unique design
  • Solid casing
  • Bypass and blend features
  • The best effect pedal for it’s price tag

Provided that you are searching a compressor pedal that will serve you for longer life and enjoy throughout that entire period, then Xotic Effects will best work out for you.


4. Wampler Pedal EgoCompressor

Wampler Ego Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
List Price: $199.97
Price: $199.97
Price Disclaimer

It has an excellent track record for its quality controls together with quality control. It has the capability of run with worn out batteries provided you have a DC adapter there with you. I find the wampler’s company description of this compressor pedal to be somehow vague. To get its actual description then check out its manual which clearly pictures it as a presence control. What do I mean by presence control? Basically this is a parameter that regulates frequencies that falls in the upper-mid range. With this, the instrument is able to be more “present” in any mix that makes use of instruments that operate at equal frequency range. A good elaborative example is when you have two guitarist in your band, to be heard overwhelming that the other guitarist than the presence knob will work out for you.


It comes with Tone,Attack,volume,sustain and blend as parameters. Concerning its powering, it can either be powered by 9-volt battery pr DC Adapter.



  • Responds to sound immediately
  • Posses the bypass and blend features
  • Works out versatility
  • Comfortable pedalboard

If you are looking for a compressor pedal that will give you the best jam session, studio recording sessions and live shows experience then Wampler will best work out for you. I assure you that it is the best compression pedal out there.


5. Empress effect compressor analog

I personally find this to be somehow little more advanced than our previous compressor pedals. It has ranging prices and most often it is more deceiving on the pricey side. Shifting our mindset from its pricey issues, I want to assure you that it comes with more gimmick and functions that I doubt any other pedal can single handedly perform. If you are looking for a full pack compressor pedal then this could be the fantastic investment you could ever make in your music career.


With this compressor, you can get transparent and clear audios even when modified.

The attack and release controls can be blended with uncompressed signals courtesy of Empress effect compressor analog. For maximum effects at your studio, this compressor comes with three compression ratios. It has a simple design that allows for easy alternating of available options without necessitating fussing. This make it superior over the other compression pedals as the others can never perform this.


With the aid of is accurate and easy controls, it is able to coerce and compress any signal to enhance it in a manner that matches your guitar notch. I assure you that each time you will be using this compressor pedal you will always be creating stunning soundscapes.



  • Comes with a single analog path
  • Three compression ratios
  • Clear,crisp enhanced sound
  • multi effects pedal

If you are financially stable and you don’t mind spending a lot on getting the best product then this is the best compression pedal to go for.


6. Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher

Its above average price definitely suggest to you that this product is not meant for those who are faint hearted. It won’t cause you much if you spend substantial amount of cash on getting the best compression pedal that will openly advance the sound of your jam sessions which will ultimately worth it.


Through the aid of this compressor,you’re all high and low sounds will be captured and accordingly be compressed to give you the best performance ever. If you are looking for a compressor that will grant you a new and unique sounds for your guitar then this is the best choice for selection. It comes with a trio decay mode rates which can be alternated between rich and ful sounds to a dull and bleak alternative when required.


It comes in a metal casing that is green in colour which makes it more eye catching. It operates as a single pedal with both single input and output. Alongside, it comes with LED status indicator and a power on and off knob button. It gets powered by a magnificent 9- volts adapter and it measures 5.8 by 2.8 by 3.5 inches-sizable.



  • Real-time sound capture
  • Comes with reliable power supply
  • Three latch setting available
  • Can work at any input impedance

Though it is one of the most expensive compressor pedals, it definitely worth it. For that reason, if you are seeking for an experimental compressor pedal, then this the product to go for.


7. MXR M102 Dyna Comp

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor Pedal
List Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99
Price Disclaimer

It comes in a red compact and tough covering and weighs one pound. Can alternatively be powered by either a Dunlop AC power supply box or a 9-volts battery. The most fancy feature about this compressor medal is its “in-line” content that acts to balance the signal to your amp freely. This cuts of the need for manually controlling a given parameter in your pedal. With this you can easily expand your tone effects without interfering with your sound dynamics.

Concerning its controls, I find all of its controls to be very easy to understand and use making it to provide magnificent sustain on Nashville quality sound studio. This knob makes it possible for you to turn of output and sensitity. What do I mean by Output? Basically output is a volume control that operates in such a manner that you up it, it adds on gain and aggresion while meanwhile the low end tones are matched by the self modiffication of the compressor pedal. On the other hand, the sensitivity knob acts as a determinant of intensity of actual sound compression.



  • Evens out sounds perfectly
  • Classic design with easy to use functions Fantastic for single coiln pickk-ups

If you are looking for an affordable professional device that will enable you to customize your compressor collection with something new and reliable then I quickly reffer to this. With this, you can definetly get the breakthrough to your everyday dull tones.

8.Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer

I would count myself to be guilty of bias if I could have left this compressor pedal out of my top ten list of best existing compressor pedals. Can you imagine of a compressor pedal that is capable of instantly capturing your sound the moment you press your footswitch until the moment you stop pressing it. In addition, when you opt for playing it for the background sound then you can enjoy three other additional controls which determines how long it lasts and how it turns out.


From the above fantastic features, I personally find it as a form of underate to reffer to Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer as just a mere compressor. This is simply because it subtends its compressor roles and in addition perform selected roles of Delay/Looper and audio reminiscent possed by piano pedals. Apperancewise, it is contained in a compact box painted in an eye catching icy blue hue. It approximately weighted at 0.8 ounces.


Concerning its controls, an effect level dial knob is frontly labeled on it. This control works to control the volume of your well sustained sound. In addition to this, it comes with three control switches that brings about it’s versatile modification. The first switch is the Fast switch that instantly captures your sound the moment you press the footswitch and immediatly fade out the moment you untap your press. The second switch is the Slow switch which hold on to your captured sound and smoothly pronounce it in and out to give a fantastic smooth sound transition. Finally the latch switch permanently hold on to you already captured sound the moent you realease the footswitch button. This effect will be maintained until the moment you will downpress the footswitch again.



  • Comes with a reliable power supply means
  •  Has 3 latch settings options
  • Has a real-time sound capture.

If you are the kind of people who don’t mind to spend alot on quality products that will sufficiently serve you then you should go for this.


9. Behringer CS400 compressor sustainer

It’s affordability should not make you question its quality and hence scare you off. I assure you that you will still get best sounds and fascinating compression at such pocket


friendly price. This affordable blue box of gear will not interfere with your original sound like majority of cheap pedals do but instead will only work on giving you clear and fine sounds.


Coming with an eye catching design of blue, white and black hues something that is very uncommon with majority of other cheap brands. It comes with a  a in and out jacks alongside with LED status indicator and finally a big on and off foot-switch on its front face. Can operate with either a standard adapter or a 9-volts battery. It is approximately weighing 11.7 ounces and a dimension of 2.8 by 2.1 by 4.8 inches.


What about its controls? It comes with 4 basic control knobs. The first one is the level knob which is useful in determining the intensity of sound effect that is injected into your prevailing signal. The second control knob is the Tone knob which serves the role of adjusting the compression scope together with the frequencies you intend to affect most. The third one is the Attack knob which determines how quick the effect grab will be on your signal. Finally the fourth knob is the sustain knob which checks on the punch of sustain and how intense the punch and boom will be in your tone.



  • No distortion
  • Great appealing design
  • Very affordable price

If you are looking for an affordable compressor pedal that won’t disappoint, then Behringer CS400 is the way to go.


10.Boss CS-3 Compressor pedal

Boss CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer Pedal
List Price: $74.49
Price: $74.49
Price Disclaimer

To wrap up the list of finding the best compression pedal, I suggest to you this product. You have a good reason to trust the above pedal because it is an already tested product as it has been in the market ever since 2007. This product makes it possible for you to simultaneously boost your low sounds and out the high ones in an equalised kind of manner. It is amongst the much versatile pedals that you would find out their as its Tone knob is ever praised by every person who procured it.


It is a mono device that comes with single output and input, a big on and off footswitch on the front face and a LED status indicator. It weighs 1 pound with dimension of 4 by 3 by 6 inches. More interestingly is that it can either be powered by a standard power adapter or a single 9-volts battery. Whereas this pedal woud’nt win an ward for unique fetaures, it deserves a slot among the best guitar compressor 2018


Talking of its controls, it comes with 4 easy to understand control knobs. These are:

  • Level knob-checks on the intensity of effect that is injected into your sound output.
  • Tone knob-checks on the scope of tones that are going to be attacked by the sound effect
  • Attack knob- it regulates the attack power of your picking or plucking
  •  Sustain knob-works on the length of notes you play.





  • Even and boost tones
  • Extremely durable build
  • Level knob essential for noise control purposes


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