What is the best compressor for vocals?

The Best Compressor for Vocals

The realization of a natural voice is greatly influenced by equalization of vocals. It’s very essential to equalize vocals before singing. This necessitates having a compressor which will help you in vocal equalization. You have to settle on the best compressor that is effective. To get the best compressor then consider the following factors:

First and foremost, be informed that there are different types of compressors. They are basically categorized into software also known as the VST plugins and the external compressors. It is very important that you fully understand the functionality and grouping of a compressor before you consider buying one.  In this article we are going to determine the best compressor. When choosing a compressor, it falls either under a hardware compressor or software plugin. Let as look at the differences between a software plugin and a hardware compressor.

With advancement in technology, it’s very tricky to determine which among the two is the best. Definitely you will have to base your choice on your preferential decision and also the comfort of use. One of the shortcomings of the software plugin is the fact that it cannot be used lest they pass into your DAW. This implies that you will lack control over reduction and prevention of clipping occurring.

Using a hardware compressor will compel you to use separate channels every time which makes it costly. The software plugs on the other hand is easily applicable to so many channels. This aspect makes it to be a versatile compressor for vocals.

Having looked at the two broad categories of compressors, what then shall you consider when making a purchase for a compressor? Clearly understand the type of compressor you need. The hardware compressor is divided into four types which are easily accessible and each one is endowed with special function.  Consider the durability of the compressor.  Get something that you will be able to use for a long period of time. Using a compressor in a studio makes it to heat up which results to wear and tear. This makes it necessary to get a processor that is very durable and can withstand high temperature without easily spoiling. Majorly consider a processor with an inbuilt fan for cooling down the unit and reducing the temperatures.

Having looked at these pivotal aspects, which compressor stands out as the best for vocals? With my longtime experience and exposure to various types of compressors, the is the best compressor. This is based on my preferential and comfort using this compressor.

FMR RNC 1773 Compressor Unit
List Price: $175.00
Price: $175.00
Price Disclaimer

This compressor is perfect for beginners. It enables you to get under the 500 bucks range. It operates in full parametric controls. The parametric controls helps in realization of the best audio or recordings. This compressor is able to limit and reduce all types of clipping because of its wide range of dynamics. It has pleasant red knobs which are simple to use and control.

It is covered inside a tough aluminum case which increases its durability and sturdy. It contains unbalanced inputs that ease its connection to a mixer and other equipments.

Merits of This Processor

  • It is simple to use and is therefore ideal for beginners
  • It is a versatile compressor and suits guitars, bass and vocals
  • Its well built and sturdy






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