Best Vocal Pedal of 2019: live vocal processor

Choosing the best vocal pedal processing

Vocal Pedal 
Harmony-G XTCheck Price
Boss VE-8 Acoustic SingerCheck Price
TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3Check Price
Roland VT-3 Voice TransformersCheck Price
Boss VE-20Check Price
TC-Helicon Voicetone Mic Mechanic 2Check Price
TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play AcousticCheck Price

In the music industry, most of the artists of our generations use voice pedals or even a chorus pedal for vocals to enhance their gigs.

A vocal delay pedal is a device that is used to auto-tune vocals and acoustic guitars. It is used to introduce smart harmony into the track increasing the quality of the music produced. It is also used to correct the pitch of vocals. You can use a vocal effects unit
or a guitar effects processor.

When choosing the best vocal pedal, what do you look at? They’ve gained popularity in the last decade and perhaps this is because they correct pitch perfectly. As such, we’ve reviewed some of the best vocal processors to compile this list. Autotune and harmonisation are a must. The top-rated vocal pedals feature subtle reverb, harmony and delays. Most of them are plug and play and you can get started rightaway by using the inbuilt presets. Actually, a good vocal pedal is worth more than an engineer – they do all the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters most – making angelic vocals.

A vocal reverb pedal can also be used to transform human voice to robotic or other forms. They can also create virtual backup singers for an artist or tune the notes to make perfect melodious notes which is good for the artists since they gain from it. This makes music sound just like the songwriter intended. It can create echos or even electronic beats or dance or even techno beats that are preferred by young adults. It is even more useful to DJs and sound engineers who deal with quality of musical sounds and instruments. Most artists prefer a voice pedal that will improve their sound and make them have better quality in their music and pitch. It is very useful in the life of a sound engineer or even a Digitech vocalist. It practically makes their work easier. DJs love using them as a fancy effects processor

Review of the best vocal processor for recording

tc helicon voicetone harmony-g xt vocal effects processor – best vocal transformer

TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT Vocal Effects Processor
List Price: $229.99
Price: $229.00
You Save: $0.99
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The tc helicon vocal processor isn’t the best vocal pedal for nothing; It is used by artists to produce the best and most natural sounding harmonies that the artist desires. This ensures that the singer gets virtual natural sounding backup singers. Isn’t this why we love using the tc helicon voicetone.

The tc helicon harmony has an added advantage over other effects processors in that it fundamentally produces live vocal effects that are backed up with a guitar.

The tc helicon acoustic play accomplishes accurate harmonies by adjusting the vocal pitch depending on the chords that are being played. The device has up to two harmony voices which bring about the doubling effect and the delay combination. It smoothens out unbalanced tones using this technique. An auto-chromatic pitch correction is one of the features which works on adjusting the pitch that you are singing on and makes it match the chords you are playing making it sound more harmonic and angelic. Just like a harmonizer, it makes singers sound better than they would since it corrects all the micro-tonal differences as they sing.

The effects may turn out to be more controlled and a bit limited because the vocal effects pedal tc helicon does not contain essentials like reverb. However it automatically adjusts the EQ and essential dynamics which is a good thing. The vocal distortion pedal can work with musical instruments that use chords like keyboard since it is easy to connect it to them and harmonize the notes. The best vocal pedal should create harmony and this vocal harmony pedal is no exception.

Boss vocal pedal VE-8 Acoustic Singer

Boss AD-10 Acoustic Guitar Processor Pedal
List Price: $329.90
Price: $329.90
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The boss ve-20 vocal effects processor has a smart harmony that is guitar-controlled since it can easily be connected and tuned. It is most desired by guitarist because of all its feature. This footswitch produces up to two harmony voices which makes the vocals pop and sound angelic. This device has an auto-chromatic pitch correction that corrects the pitch with a hard tune. The boss ve-1 vocal reverb pedal has a looper to loop the notes in a single track for up to 80 seconds. The Acoustic singer pedal has several effects like distortion that distorts the natural voice into some other form that sounds better.
This vocal effects pedal reproduces the chorus for the artist making work easier and also creates the electronic sounds in the sounds which make it more desired by electronic beat artists. The pedal can also have the radio effect version on a track making it better than it originally was in the beginning. This makes it easy to double the sounds and notes for the artist. Also it has the reverb effect. Among others are the acoustic resonance effect on the guitar and also a notch filter that correct acoustic guitars making them more harmonic. It has a USB port that allows for direct recording of corrected tracks directly without need of a vocal effects software. This vocal doubler pedal caters for both adventurous and also traditional artists who use guitars in their performance by providing an enhanced guitar fx experience.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme
List Price: $795.00
Price: $795.00
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Its harmony is mostly controlled by a guitar or a MIDI Harmony Algorithm. The device has up to four harmony voices in its features which is an added advantage to it since the ones above it have up to two. In its features is an auto-chromatic pitch corrector and also a hard tune corrector. The said pedal has a three phrase looper that can loop a tune for a total of forty-five minutes which is also one more reason it is more desired than the others. This device has several effects like reverb, doubling, hard tune and correction, choir, stutter and an adaptive tone. This device makes the music more rhythmic and it also has a transducer that really helps the artists in their line of work and helps increase the quality of music they produce. This VoiceLive also has several guitar effects like reverb, delay, compression, amp modelling and resonant and also a talk box which is part of the voice recorder. The TC.Helicon 3 also has a USB port that allows for direct recording ofvocal processor software
reviewed tracks and also for control and update of the said tracks.

It is preferred due to its multiplier effect in its features that are very useful to the artists.

Roland VT-3 Voice Transformers – best vocal effects for live performance

This type of vocal control caters to the quality of vocals not more on the other instruments like a guitar unlike the devices listed above. This device can be used on the tabletop since it is not very big. This makes it more preferred by DJs and sound engineers in their line of work. It can easily turn a singers voice into a robot by pressing the robot button.

In it is a megaphone effect also and a radio effect. The TC- Helicon 3 is more preferred because it mostly deals with vocals more than instruments. In it is an auto pitch correction that is set on two modes to assist the artist. Among other effects like the lead effect, radio effect, scatter effect and voice recorder are in the device.

It has an output port that one can use to listen to their creations through headphones and an input for the footswitch. The device also has a USB port that enables direct recording of one’s creations and also for control and updates. This pedal is mostly designed for the techno, dance or electronic type of music and this is most appealing to the DJs in their line of work and it works well for them. They know how to manipulate the tempo making it more attractive to dance or electronic dance lovers. This is the best vocal pedal especially for EDM music production.

Boss VE-20 (best vocal effects processor for karaoke)

It enables one to package the best quality of sound and features. The Boss VE-20 has a multiple effect feature and many guitar effects that is mostly enjoyed by the vocalist more.

The device has up to two harmony voices which are a bit less than the one above it. It has an auto-chromatic pitch correction among its features. The pedal also has a hard tune pitch correction among some of its features. The auto correct device has a looper that has the ability to loop for up to 38 seconds in a single track which is also an added advantage to its features. Some of the effects are dynamics, doubling, reverb, delay, distortion of the natural vocals, radio, chorus, flanger and the robot voice effect. It does not have any USB port among some of its features. Among its features is one input of a combo.and output of the combo and Monolines.

However this device has one flaw which is that it has a short optional power cable so if one buys this then they need to have an additional extension cord to connect it to the power outlet for ease of use. It is very reliable and can last you for a lifetime when you keep it well maintained. Take good care of it and it will be the best vocal pedal you will ever use.

TC-Helicon Voicetone Mic Mechanic 2

The TC-Helicon voice tone was designed for a more ambience of your voice control. It is therefore used by singer mostly to correct their work and improve the quality of the music they produce. The mechanical mic has an auto-chromatic pitch correction feature in it’s make. The mic has a phantom power of over 48V. The device has a mic input feature and an XLR output. It does not have a direct recording USB port but it has a USB port used for firmware update and also one for preset control. The pedal has several effects like the reverb effect for room, studio and hall; delay and adaptive tone that allows for compression and smart EQ. This device can easily correct intonation problems since the auto-chromatic pitch correction adjusts the pitch to various levels. When tuned appropriately, it can be the best vocal pedal.

The pedal has an excellent balance of the level of feature and is quite portable. It is versatile but yet compact.

This device has exaggerated reverb option but it is easily corrected by careful tweaking of the buttons and an exaggerated auto-tune that many musicians use in this era. This device also has an echo effect that enables an artist to have an echo into the track which adds a nice sound effect to the track. It picks up vocals from microphones and transforms them instantaneously.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic

It has a smart harmony that is guitar controlled. It has up to two harmony voices. In its features it has an auto-chromatic and hard tune pitch correction. It has a looper of up to 30 seconds. This device has several effects added to it that improve on its efficiency. These are like a transducer, doubling effect, reverb, delay, modulation effect and an adaptive tone with smart EQ and compression. It has a phantom power of 48V. It has a guitar effect of reverb, chorus, feedback suppressor, EQ, and acoustic guitar adaptive tone. It has an aux input and headphones and footswitch for outputs. The device has a USB port that is used for direct recording of created content and one for update and control. It also incorporates some looping features. This pedal is meant to be used to improve both voices and overall performance of the device and tracks.

The play acoustic can be used for acoustic music. This pedal is preferred by artists since it has some very impressive features that they can use to improve their music and also their quality that they produce. It is not easy to use it but given time and practise one can make full use of all the features offered.

The voice effects for singing are very useful in the work of the artists and also in the work of a sound engineer. what does a vocal processor do? If it is used with care it can be very important and can produce very high-quality music. This music is highly appreciated by the entire population at large. The voice pedals are used in major music industries to their advantage. They are also highly appreciated by the artists. Most of the pedals are used to produce virtual backup singers who help the singers in their times of need. It is very common for artists to use autotune on their voices and this improves the quality of the music that is produced. This music is better than the original since the notes are harmonious and the pitch is corrected to suit the specifications needed.

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