DBX 266xs REVIEW

Are you looking for a compressor pedal that will effectively compress your signals to give out the best audio outputs at an affordable price? Most probably, you have already used far much expensive compressors before and you got them to be quite disappointing. I present to you dbx 266xs as a long lasting solution to your problem. Through the aid of the above dbx 266xs review, you will learn how to deliver the best out of the unit.


It is worth knowing that dbx as a company has always been topping the compression industry ever since they began their pro audio compressors market towards the mid 70s. As we speak today, their compressors can be easily spotted in nearly all studios, live concerts and broadcast facilities. Whereas their uses, effectiveness and prices varies greatly across their recent products, the 266xs brand outstandingly comes with a price that is close to half that of a standard studio vocal microphone. The dbx 266xs provides two channels of compression with each channel coming with their own sidechain inputs together with automatic modes of compression. This is just but a few of its numerous fantastic features that will be of great help to any beginning engineer who wishes to understand more about outboard compression. How could I even forget to mention the XLR/TRS options available for both inputs and outputs that makes it possible for seamless studio integration setting together with musician’s touring rack. With the aid of this dbx 266xs review, you will learn how to effectively make use of this compressor for both live and studio uses.


Live use

The dbx 266xs compressor is ever pictured as a live audio compressor gate that flawlessly functions. Most adverts gives a little coloration on this compressor especially when it comes to talking about its OverEasy Technology. To briefly touch on the OverEasy technology, it is worth knowing that this technology will definitely convert your compressor into a soft-knee unit that produces a smooth transition from uncompressed to compressed audio. This compressor has accurate and clean gates which will definitely keep out unwanted fret noise coming from the guitar or most bleed sound coming from a drum kit. If you are going for a live broadcast or performance then i’ll definitely recommend for dbx 266xs as it has the ability to operate in real- time without you having to spend a lot on the compressor.


Studio use

In my entire tracking process, I find it necessary to inform you in this dbx 266xs review that this compressor particularly work best on guitar and bass. It is a common phenomenon for dynamics to get a bit wild from time to time when operating a bass guitar. With the aid of dbx 266xs compression, you are able to control peaks together with inducing some new punches to the audio. From my experience in running a guitar into the Pro Tools, I got it easier using DI as a processing software. The DI is able to pick up every little sound from the guitar and only worsen with single-coil pickups. When you add 266xs to te chain,you will get rid of any unnecessary noise the time you are using the gate. In addition, it adds some awesome sustain to the guitar leads. Even though vocals can be operated through dbx 266xs, I a times find some loss of warmth, something that you can easily notice the moment you are using a tube preamp or tube mic.  A squashing sound is usually expected at an entry level unit when it is driven hard with any audio source. Some compressor unit are capable of adding colour when driven hard but they go for more than 10 times the price of dbx 266xs. Another amazing thing about the controls of this compressor is that the release and attack knobs can be easily set just like any other models and give a best hardware alternative to other software compressors.


The dbx 266xs compressor can also be very useful in the mixing process. To get a natural sounding suppression, you can easily apply the gate to do away with the too much bleed on your kit. Another magnificent feature about this pedal is it’s sidechain inputs as they make it to be a great effective hardware unit. This feature make it possible for you to pump a mix of any song you could want. As majority of nowadays track songs do sidechain their kick drum to a synth or even the entire mix, this compressor allow home studio to perform that in some kind of an outboard format.

How it compares to the dbx 266xl

You can also compress a stereo track by simpling stereo coupling the dbx 266xs. In addition, you can apply it as an effect or just compress the entire of your mix. However, you are advised to take care of the latter as extreme compression can kill you track.



It is difficult for me to stress out how it is close to impossible to find a decent, workable and inexpensive outboard gear. This is unless you get a deal on a second hand or repairable compressor pedal. This compressor gives you two channels of reliable gating and compression at a very affordable price. Take an initiative of going out and finding one for yourself. If you get it unusable in your studio, it gonna perfectly fit with any of your live rig. Unlike other compressors, it’s more durable even under heavy usage



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