Joyo pedals review – 2018 updated list

Joyo company has greatly gained their reputability by offering compressor pedals of high quality at affordable prices. If you are a starter in the guitar industry and most probably you don’t have a heavy pocket to take your music industry to a new levels, then Joyo company is a godsent option for you. While Joyo company provides a wide variety of their compression pedals in their catalogue, I opt to pick on 4 of the best products and indepthly discuss them in my  Joyo Pedals Review.” I find the above ideal for you in the market:

1. Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal With True Bypass.

This marks the first product in my Joyo pedals review list. My first encounter with this compressor pedal was a funny one. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard some of my folks saying that for just $29 you can get a compressor pedal that sounds like a Tube screamer. To me, it appeared like one of those sugar-coated products adverts that a times flock over the television. However I was marveled to find this was not the case the moment I procured one for testing purposes. You too you need to try it.

For those who are new to this product and most probably it is their first time to purchase this Joyo product, it is necessary for you to note that this compressor pedal uses the famous RC4588 chip, a guarantee for you to get a wonderful, warm overdriven tone tp the signal of your guitar. This pedal gives you a marvelou sound clean boost by you simply turning down both its drive and Tone to about 1:00. i n addition, it gives a touch of heat by its Crisp and light features which is quite an amazing immediate range. To get the Tube Screamer sound,just simply crank up the Drive knob. To get a classic driven boost, the 12:00-ish setting will take you there. On the other end, with 3:00 and above, you can enjoy some ranging audios driving your amp into the sweet spot you have alway dreamt of.

I personally find it’s tone ranges and versatility to be fantastic features that will make this compressor pedal to stand firm and competitive in the today’s pedal market which is everyday getting more competitive with more emerging pedal collections. Again I find it to be the best option for any guitarist out there who is looking for product that will give him/her classic and fine sounds at such a smaller price.

It comes in an aluminum alloy casing that is composed of stoving varnish finish. It measures 11.8 by 6.4 by 3.8 cm making it be an ideal sizable compressor pedal. With a True Bypass design, it is able to minimize tone loss.

2. Joyo D-Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay Guitar Effect Pedal with four modes


This falls second in my Joyo pedals review list. For guitarist prowess who are in search for a pocket friendly compressor pedal that is worth their skill, Joyo company has come up with this product that comes with four digital delay pedal modes together with a top notch of high quality that will serve your need.

Talking of its features, this pedal works as a double channel delay, a feature that makes it possible for you to dial in separate but independent setting options for each and every channel. In addition, it comes with the strongest noise gate that deter even the slimmest hum and also make use of the Bypass feature. It is very durable as it comes with a strong metal casing that measures 4.1 by 1.8 by 4 inches. Talking of its weight, I find it slightly lighter as it weighs 1.2 pounds. It also posses the sole in and out jack alongside with alongside with an external trigger input that makes it possible for external devices to switch the pedals channel. I find it quite attractive as its stombx is painted white plainly, a clean and nice hue. This device can only be powered by adapters as it cannot be powered by batteries.

What of its controls? It comes with 4 control knobs. The first control knob is the Mix knob which basically determines the intensity of delay effect that is infused in your audio output. Your natural clean sound diminishes the more you crank the compressor pedal up. The second control knob is the mode knob which acts as a switch between one of those 4 basic delay modes in any stompbox i.e Copy (default delay sound),
Analog(more low-pass filtering, more warmth), Reverse (fun stuff, delayed signals get played backward and forward) and modulation( best for Chorus-like effects) the third knob is the time knob which is responsible for adjusting the delay time which usually ranges between 17 milliseconds to upto 1000 milliseconds or even a whole second. Finally the forth control knob is the feedback knob which is responsible for determining the duration and mass of each and every single delay. It operates in such a manner that the more you add it, you get more echoes and feedbacks.

3. Joyo JF-39 Deluxe crunch guitar Effect Pedal

This compressor pedal comes third in my Joyo pedals review list. This brand hits the crunch distortion sound to give out more or less the same effect to vintage or modern high-gain amps,an hand-assembled tube monster that will definitely overdo the rocker jeep that you have within you.

This product comes with a design that is more traditional with many outstanding features. Appearance Wise, it comes packed in a red casing with 4 amazing white knobs. This compressor pedal avails more than just a one tone button. Instead of this, the Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch guitar effect pedal avails 4 independent tone controls. This makes it possible for you to get and sculpture a number of sounds which may include rock,punk and metal.

Effortlessly you can get the classic rock edge you have always yearned for from your closest shop with just some few hundred dollars. In addition, it has a more bright and subtle sound that is capable of being hannesed back to shape into an iconic audio that can never be replicated by any other person. To add n this, the Joyo JF-39 deluxe crunch guitar effect pedal comes with a bypass wiring which makes it possible for the pedal to give clean stay signals which is a very essential when you are in the course of running other effects.

4. Joyo JF-16 British Sound Effect Pedal With Classic Brit-Rock Era Amp Stimulator and Unique Voice Control

My Joyo pedals review list will not be complete if i fail to feature this joyo magnificent product in the list. This is a pedal preamp sensible replicate of the sound of Marshall amp( the knob voicing is more or less the same to those of several varieties of marshal audios taking into consideration both the vintage and modern ones)

The Joyo JF-16 will definitely give you masses of variety roles under the one pedal. You can check out for the early 60s Marshall tones until the recent gain of JCM800 and nine hundred series, this is inclusive of anything that falls in between.

With the aid voice knob and gain knobs that falls around the 9 o’clock point, you are at a position of coming up with claptonesque tones at the comfort of your guitar. To get a woodstock sound of reminiscent from some particular Mr Hendrix tones, simply wind them up up to the 12 o’clock. Beyond this, you will be able to get most of the drives the moment you switch the voice knob and gain knob to taste. It is worth knowing that Zakk Wylde, Led Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore and other reputable guitarist opt for Marshall and so with the aid of Joyo JF-16 British Sound Effect Pedal you can easily replicate their tones.

It comes handy with 3 full band EQ and voice knpb that will make it simpler than you could ever thought to dial in any tone. If you are unfortunate to be using a dark sounding amp then the Joyo JF_16 British sound effect pedal will do the brightening up for you through the aid of voice and treble knobs.

How could I forget to tell you that it comes with n inbuilt cabinet emulation. An amazing feature indeed! With this, you can easily go from the pedal activity to a DAW, mixing desk or your PC with the assist of a Jack to usb lead. This definitely suggest that essentially this compressor pedal is a DI. this make it susceptible to be used in the place of an amp the moment your amp defaults. To achieve this, just place it at the ends of your other pedals then set it clean just the way you always remove the output directly from the American sound to the dest. Gig sved!

Other additional features concerning it includes: input impedance of 500k.output impedance of 10k, a running current of 3,8 mA,dimension of 120 by 97 by 55 mm, a weight of 390g and finally can be powered by either a 9-volts DC adapter or a 9-volts battery.

I believe with the aid of my above Joyo Pedals review you can now comfatable pick the best Joyo brand that suits your liking.

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