Which is better Stratocaster or Telecaster?

Which is Better, Stratocaster or Telecaster?

Can you be able to differentiate between a Stratocaster and a Telecaster? You have to, or else how will you be able to determine which is the best among the two? Not only should you understand the basic differences between the two, but rather have an in depth understanding since basic differences cannot enable you to determine the best among the two.

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These two guitar instruments were incepted back in the years 1950s and ever since, they have set the standard for electric guitars. However, which among the two is better than the other? This has always been a point of contestations among several groups of people. Which are the best criteria to determine the best among the two? These are the type of questions that will significantly help to determine the best among the two instruments.

Anyway worry not any longer, this article is here to get you sorted. Remember that Fender is the pioneer behind these two legendary guitars. The Stratocaster and the Telecaster are indisputably among the most illustrious instruments in the music world. In fact, these two guitars have been certified by a variety of celebrities and music icons in the world of guitar and they are the true definition of guitar versatility. Players of different music genres have fallen in love with these two guitars. But which amongst them is the best?

Determining the best guitar among the two heavily relies on you knowing so much about the two guitars. Only then will you be able to determine the best between the two. Anyway, what are the primary differences between the two guitars? Some people will probably tell you a few partial truths that you cannot go wrong with either of the two. Despite the fact that they are an amazing bunch of guitars, they comprise of distinctive functionality features and specifications. For instance, each has carved its own fashion and design to suit certain music stylistics. Therefore, the best guitar among the two is the one which will perfectly suit and satisfy your quest and thirst for a stunning guitar experience.  This will probably be the one which well suits your mode of playing and music genres.

The two guitars have differentiated tones which are based on the bridge and not the pickups. The telecaster has been stringed through its body. This implies that its string is inserted into, passing through the guitar’s back body part, and then passes through the bridge and then either over or through the saddle.

A Telecaster contains a Tremolo System whose function is to allow the guitarist use the whammy bar for pitch raising or lowering. The sound of a Telecaster is normally brighter and hardly piercing due to its more mass which contacts the string. In a Stratocaster, the bridge pickup can become too bright to the point of unpleasantness.

The telecaster contains two pickups unlike the Stratocaster which has three pickups. These are just but mere differences between the two guitars. Therefore, the best among the two depends on your preference.

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